MealGame in the iPhone

About MealGame

The MealGame App was built entirely to solve a problem that we've had more or less every single lunch break during the last years.

Too often we spent at least half of our lunch break trying to decide where to eat. When we were out of ideas, we randomly selected some nearby junk food place and forced the meal down our throats in order to get back to the office in time — not exactly the optimal lunch break.

The problem

The next day, it started all over again, walking back and forth, annoyed and hungry as hell not being able to choose a restaurant.
“I'll eat anywhere, you choose!” was a common comment in the biting wind and cold rain. (And we live in Gothenburg, Sweden, the city known for it's constant wind and rain that falls sideways during Autumn).

In 2000 we built a website named FatFinder that randomly selected a restaurant for us. This was only half the solution, since we needed it on-the-go, and at that time it was a bit more tricky to develop a cool, easy-to-use mobile App (WAP anyone?).

The solution

Ten years later, we built MealGame for the iPhone (Apple saved our souls), and since then our lunch has been more relaxing, enjoyable, and healthy.

MealGame will list nearby restaurants based on your location. If you don't find your favorite restaurant on that list you can easily add it on your own. Give the winner “thumbs up” and it's saved in the history to help you keep track of your restaurant visits. That way you can easily find out the source of those extra pounds you gained the last months...

... and it's free for everyone!

A simple solution to an everyday problem! We're giving away the App for free and hope it's appreciated by you and your friends.

Enjoy your meals!

Anders & Martin,

Mealgame is available in App Store

The Mealgame App

This is awesome!

“I don't even have an iPhone and I support this awesome App!
I hate when people are running around like zombies in my hometown. You're in my way! Eat your fu**ing food and go back to work!” — Struktören

“This one is the *hit. And, if I told you some other nice things about the developers work they should pay my lunch next time!” — Hot Chick

“I like the graphics with the little angry chef. His mustache looks just like my Grandma's! I use the App even when I´m not on my way to eat.” — Love ya Grandma! <3