MealGame in the iPhone

Can't decide where to eat?

MealGame helps you decide where to eat.

Hmm, let me see, pizza, sushi, burger or salad...
Why let your stomach decide? Let's gamble instead!

   — Fun and easy to use
   — More varied food intake
   — Easy to find nearby restaurants
   — Free

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Mealgame is available in App Store

The Mealgame app

This is awesome!

“I don't even have an iPhone and I support this awesome App!
I hate when people are running around like zombies in my hometown. You're in my way! Eat your fu**ing food and go back to work!” — Mr Workaholic

“This one is the *hit. And, if I told you some other nice things about the developers work they should pay my lunch next time!” — Hot Chick

“I like the graphics with the little angry chef. His mustache looks just like my Grandma's! I use the App even when I´m not on my way to eat.” — Love ya Grandma! <3